A moment of silence and stillness for a slow and deep listening to our body, breath and sensations. A way to reconnect with ourselves and with the spaces of nature around us - Yoga suitable for any age and level.
(1 hr lesson, check schedule and cost)

It is a meditative step walk inside the beautiful Vendicari Reserve.
We will reach a point in the Reserve where sitting down, do some Yoga Asana, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.
We will continue the walk in silence along the coast until we reach the dunes of the wild Marinelli beach.
Again a moment of meditative contemplation of the sea combined with other breathing exercises and energy recharging.
(2,5 hrs experience, check schedule and cost)


Sicily is a wonderful land rich in plants and smells.
From its plants it is possible to distil many essential oils, such as orange, lemon, wild carrot, rosemary, lavender, juniper, myrtle, etc ...
We are guests of a beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere with superb view over the all Noto Valley.
First we will go in search of the plants from which to distil the oils, we will learn to recognize plants, what properties they transfer to oils, what is distilled from the plant and how an oil is distilled.
At the end of the walk, under the shade of a tree we will "listen" to essential oils and receive a lesson of self Aromatherapy Massage with essential oils.

(2 hrs experience, check schedule and cost)

Plants have a soul and healing properties that are distilled in essential oils.
The aromatherapy massage is an extremely pleasant and relaxing moment that allows the oil to transfer the properties of the plants into our body.
The oils we use are completely natural and distilled from Sicilian plants and flowers, a land rich in medicinal plants.
(1 hr massage, check schedule and cost)

(cooking lesson)

The "golden" ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine: cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables.
Using local and natural products of the season we will learn small secrets of an healthy, tasty and quick cooking to take in everyday life.
We will prepare together tastings of different dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, with a glance towards the rural folk traditions, to recover that ancient taste of simplicity and the recycle of the food.
After sharing the preparation we will all gather at the table to enjoy together the taste of the dishes.
(5 hrs experience, check schedule and cost)

To share some intimate moments while tasting a dinner specially cooked for you. 
Dinner will be served at the place where you are accommodated
A cuisine that looks for simple, healthy and traditional products, to give space to the flavour of this land so rich and generous. 
Contact me to decide a day, menù and cost

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